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Published in UnEdgy

10 minute/day meditation/breathing practice

For Focus, Clarity, and Calm



Aug 16, 2020

Published in Calming Influence

How To Start Meditating 24hrs A Day For Deep Inner Calmth & Sublime Productivity?!

With meditation one thinks, it's: do it for 5, 10, 15...x minutes & you're done for the rest of the day. Whilst that may sound good enough, what are you really doing when you're not meditating and what is meditation?! We'll discuss this & more on how to practise it in its truest form.



Aug 25, 2020

Published in Today is Gone Tomorrow

Playing with Dirt



Sep 12, 2020

Published in Blue Bird Nursery

Why Are Early Years Of Learning Crucial For A Child?

Early learning for a kid is important as it helps in shaping up the foundation and base. This paves way for learning throughout the school and helps in the development of life skills.



June 12, 2021

Published in English WhatsApp Group

English WhatsApp Group

Learn and practice English on WhatsApp



Dec 1, 2020

Published in Career Educator & Counselling

Career Guidance and Counseling in Pune

This is a blog that concerns with helping students choose the correct path to a successful career.



Jan 21, 2021

Published in Help In Homework

What Are Convenient Ways To Make Assignment Writing Fun And Engaging?



Oct 31, 2020

Published in Blue Bird Nursery

Find the best Nursery School in UAE

BBN nursery and preschool established in Nad Al Hammar with a vision to provide a conducive, nurturing environment for every child. Enroll Now. Call 04 287 0807 Best Nusery



July 8, 2021