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Published in Joshwin's Blog

How I use Obsidian to manage my goals, tasks, notes, and software development knowledge base

From someone that has used Roam Research and countless task/note management apps



Aug 15, 2020

Published in Android phones as webcams and security cameras

Android phones as webcams and security cameras

Squeezing life out of old devices during a deadly(?) pandemic



July 12, 2020

Published in Healthy Tech Guy

I built a Paraphrasing Tool that can rewrite text - Github link included

Using AI to rewrite your text shouldn't be this easy



Aug 5, 2020

Published in Keeping Up with Imprint

The Ongoing Imprint Journey

It's hard work, fun work — for the right reasons



Aug 10, 2020

Published in decremental

Jason Fried on fixing email

... and the amazing freedom of NOT building something for a billion people



July 21, 2020

Published in chunks, beats + jams

Energy Creates Energy....

Mozilla Builders - Week 3



Aug 11, 2020

Published in decremental

David Hornik AMA

Famed tech investor David Hornik answers questions from the Mozilla Builders community



Aug 18, 2020

Published in Anthology


Trying out the link-focused landing page for a day



Aug 21, 2020

Published in Reconmap blog

Hello InfoSec world!

Intro to the Reconmap project, its founder and this blog



Sep 19, 2020

Published in The Inner Dolphin

Introducing Social Media in a New Light— How We’ve Been Fighting the Wrong Addiction All Along and What to Do Instead

If you had to take a shot for every time you’ve heard “the social dilemma” in the past few weeks, how drunk would you be?



Sep 22, 2020

Published in The Curiosum

Radical Uncertainty: Why Your Projects Fall Flat and What to Do About It



Aug 9, 2020

Published in Bits and Bytes

My first impressions on Imprint and what you should expect from it

A short history about my first impressions on the platform that could replace medium



July 6, 2020

Published in Kunal Mishra

How Things Will Change If Apple Buys DuckDuckGo

An Analyst suggested Apple to buy DuckDuckGo, a privacy-focused search engine. Although, Apple most likely won’t buy DuckDuckGo, it might still be interested in creating a search engine.



July 6, 2020

Published in Matias L.

Setup environment to develop with MongoDB

Learn how setup correctly an environment to develop a backend service or play with MongoDB



Feb 12, 2021

Published in Tech Daily

Paradigm Shifts in the Tech Industry

Augmented Reality Could be the Next Big Shift



July 16, 2020

Published in Idiotic Ideas

Some ideas for 2.0

After spending some time on Imprint, here are some things I'd like to see!



July 12, 2020

Published in Matias L.

How import SQL backup to RDS MySQL/MariaDB AWS

See how connect and import a backup file to RDS AWS via terminal (SSH).



Sep 8, 2020

Published in My Path => UI\UX

1. Introduction

Who , What and Why



Nov 30, 2020

Published in Minnix


A super simple lightning fast one page notes app



Sep 23, 2020

Published in pieces.

What Comes Next | An Introvert's Product Journey

It's not yet over... 😱



Nov 11, 2020

Published in Thomas's thoughts

Video killed the radio star

Podcasting was booming. Until COVID-19 hit.



July 4, 2020

Published in HackSC

HackSC 2020: Doing Good



Aug 27, 2020

Published in Matias L.

Tips to fast queries with feathers mongoose

Learn how to query data really fast in MongoDB with feathers mongoose.



Nov 20, 2020

Published in Rebel Finance

Ethereum Based dApp Becoming A MONSTER of a Pyramid Scheme, Now Nearly $2 Million Moved Daily...

Growing By Thousands Of Users Every Day...



July 13, 2020

Published in Marina's Blog_MetaphysicalCells

Artificial intelligence in drug discovery (2020)

AI tools and startups for primary and secondary screening, for planning and execution of chemical synthesis and drug design



Oct 13, 2020

Published in decremental

Let's build stuff that matters



July 30, 2020

Published in Information @ Finger Tips

Simplify Your life With a Text Comparison Tool



July 31, 2020

Published in Cherry picking with Dr.Bob

My Stupid Simple (Crypto) Fraud Protection Recipe

Spoiler: use unique email aliases



Aug 2, 2020

Published in Cherry picking with Dr.Bob

Checklist for a worry-less internet life

Dr.Bob's recipe for life hacks and best practices online



Aug 2, 2020

Published in GFDC

Could This Be My New Platform

Trying Imprint



July 18, 2020