The publishing platform for the rest of us.

We built Imprint to give creators a place to share ideas with each other. These values make up our identity.

  • 1. Permanence

    We'll keep your content online, forever. Information that's only available for a limited time doesn't maximize its utility to readers. In the circumstance where we need to terminate, we will give substantial advance notice and give you time to take your content.

  • 2. Accessibility

    Content will always be free for readers. We believe paywalling content only restricts free information, so we guarantee that content creators on Imprint will be able to produce content accessible to all.

  • 3. Ownership

    You own your data. You retain rights to whatever you post on Imprint, 100%. We let you host your blog on your own custom domain for free, so you can use your content to build your brand.

Why we built another blogging platform

If you’re here, it means you’re a fan of blogs, like me! I grew up reading, laughing, and most importantly, learning from internet blogs.

Blogs make up the backbone of the internet, representing the free web’s very ideals. They give every person a platform to voice their ideas, and they make knowledge accessible to anyone who comes across them.

A lot of these blogs are decentralized, hosted on peoples’ own websites. These blogs are connected to the world by loose threads: Google searches, Facebook posts, and/or Twitter posts.

When bloggers post on their own sites, it’s difficult to grow their audience. If you aren’t a search engine wizard who can get your blog to the top of Google, your audience will likely be the same people who usually see your posts on social media.

That’s not ideal for bloggers, but it’s also not ideal for readers! Curious people like you and I are actively looking for good content. It’s just really hard to find when blogs are all over the place.

Medium popped up to solve this issue by centralizing blogs on their platform. We loved it for a while, but they started paywalling content, making a lot of the good stuff inaccessible to readers. Writers also like hosting blogs on their own websites, so they can own their content and their brand. It’s also scary to think that the platform can be taken down at any time, causing writers to lose years of hard work.

So Imprint’s here to bridge the gap between centralized blogging and decentralized blogging. This is a social community looking to read and consume good content, but also a publishing platform for writers. All in one.

We want your content to be accessible, so we’ll never paywall it. We want you to focus entirely on writing great stuff, so we make it easy to build a blog and start writing. We don’t want you to worry about content ownership, so we let you host your blog on your domain, and promise that your content will stay online.

And that’s it! Why we built another blogging platform. To make this work, we just need people with awesome ideas (that’s you!) to share what’s on your mind. Lastly, we encourage you to continue reading, learning, talking, and exploring here on Imprint.

— Roland